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  • Mundorf M-Resist HL

    MResist High Load Resistors

    For high-load applications, wire-wound cement resistors with a continuous load capacity of 25 watt are a good option.

  • Mundorf M-Resist MOX
    In contrast to normal wire resistors, metal oxide film resistors exihibit no residual inductivity. Therefore, in all cases where impulse velocity is important, in the middle range for example, metal oxide fi lm resistors should always be chosen. The design wich we supply has a continuous load capacity of 3, 5 or 10 Watt, but can handle a much higher load in the impulse range.
  • Mundorf M-Resist SUPREME
    The MResist™ SUPREME series is specifically designed for high-end loudspeaker and amplifier applications. With their superior audio quality – certified also by discerning industrial customers who tested them out beforehand – these “acoustically no longer perceivable” resistors now match the premium quality standard which distinguishes our capacitors and conductors for many years already.
  • Jantzen Audio MOX resistors

    Jantzen Audio MOX resistors


    1.) Electrical and mechanical stability and high reliability .
    2.) Non-flameable painting solvent proof, resistant to heat and humidity.
    3.) Anual shift is low
    4.) Can produce higher resistance values than wire wound resistos

    Technical information

    RSS: Small-sized metal oxide film resistors, using selected ceramics, perform as good as normal size

    TypeL  ±1 D ±0.5 H ±0.5 d ±0.05 Resistance range (Ω)Max Working VoltageMax Overload Voltage
    For resistors operated in ambient temperatures above 70°C, power rating must be derated in accordance with the curve below:
  • Jantzen Audio Superes resistors

    - 1 % Tolerance
    - Low noise figure
    - Low inductance <0,7 uH
    - Instant overload capacity
    - Super heat dissipation, small linear temperature coefficient
    - Low annual shift
    - Flameprood and lightweight

    Superes 1%L  ±1 D ±0.5 H ±0.5 d ±0.05 Resistance range (Ω)Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
  • Mundorf M-Resist Classic

    MResist Classic Copper-Nickel 10W 0,10 Ohm, MREC10-0,10

    Resistance = 0,10±2% Ohm
    Size = Ø10 x L45 mm
    Wire = 0,8 * 35 mm
    Weight = 0,008 kg

    MResist Classic 10W Copper-Nickel resistors are without costly bifilar winding, but maintain a lot of audible benefits from the SUPREMEs.
    MREC10 ±50ppm/K 1000VAC 275°C/527°F Ø10 x L45mm 0R10 to 22R ±2%

  • Mundorf M-Resist Ultra

    The development of our MRes Ultra Resistor is based on the well-known good tonal properties of copper-manganin foil. Compared to all wound-wire resistors, this film provides an order of magnitude lower inductance. Copper is significantly softer than the metal-oxide used for MOX resistors. The natural resonances of the copper-manganin foil are therefore significantly less pronounced, which means that distortions caused by crystallurgy and electroacoustics are significantly reduced here. That is why resistors of this design have secured a top position among audio components in recent years: They lack many of the distortions inherent in other resistor designs.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 399 items

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