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  • Mundorf MSolder

    We offer tin-solder from 4 alloys used as materials that show a considerably higher purity than is required by DIN standards: The MSolder as a pure tin-copper mixture for the connection of copper-based components. The MSolder Silver provides a superior conductivity by virtue of 4.5% precious metal and guarantees the excellent sound characteristics of components containing silver. MSolder SilverGold boosts the advantages of silver solder by adding purest Gold which also lowers the melting point and ensures the outstanding sound properties of our silver/gold components. The MSolder SUPREME SilverGold is our second to none solder for tube applications as well as for assembling our SilverGold wires, foils and cables due to its surpassing conductivity combined with a high liquidus. Technical specifications: ● 100g, 250g or 1000g coils ● 1.00 mm diameter ● Amine, diamine, urea and lead free ● Low odour ● Optimum processing temperature ● Special NO-CLEAN liquid 2.5% liquid content - Type 2.2.3 B - DIN EN 29454.1 ● Copper compatible ● Gentle on components ● Time saving ● User and environmental friendly Purity of silver: min. 99.97% typ. 99.99% Purity of gold: min. 99.97% typ. 99.99%

  • WBT Silver Solder

    WBT High Quality Silver solder: 4 % fine silver. Halogen-free flux spares precious metal surfaces.
    Extremely low melting temperature of 178/180°C (lead holding solder) and 216/219°C (lead-free solder)

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Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items

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