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List of products by manufacturer Duelund Audio

Duelund Audio is known manufacturer of high-end capacitors, resistors, wires, coils and speaker drivers -VSF, RS, CAST copper, CAST Silver capacitors, Silver silk in oil wire, CAST Inductors

For more than 35 years, Mr. Steen Aa. Duelund tirelessly worked towards sonic perfection in audio design. As a result of this, enthusiasts and connoisseurs widely acknowledge his capacitors, inductors, resistors and cables as the world’s finest. Today these components feature in High End loudspeakers, electronics and custom crossovers around the world.

We at Duelund Coherent Audio are proud to continue his strive towards perfection. We take great pride in the fact that Duelund capacitors, inductors, resistors and cables are universally known for their uncompromising craftsmanship and construction, sonic splendour, palpability and transparency.

The legacy of Mr. Duelund is to never accept compromise.

The Duelund line of capacitors adheres to the Virtual Stack Foil design. This breakthrough approach pioneered by Mr. Duelund renders all previous attempts at audio capacitors obsolete. The pure metal foil construction along with obsessive measures against microphony enable a level of musical performance previously unfathomable.


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