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Dear customers!
Despite the current situation in the world with COVID-19, our store continues to work 24/7.
Orders are processed and goods are dispensed as usual. 09:00-18:00 (GMT+2) Mon-Fri.
We ask you to take into account that the time of order transportation may be increased, depending on the situation in a particular country. Due to the closure of international passenger traffic, the post office is reorganizing its logistics, so delivery may take longer than usual.
Mail and courier services have switched to "contactless transmission", please follow the track number in order to receive the parcel on time.
In some countries, regular postal service has been replaced by courier service UPS or DHL.
Restrictions on border crossing by individuals do not apply to cargo traffic and the work of courier services. Manufacturers and suppliers work without interruption in supply. We have created a large enough stock to ensure the shortest possible delivery time and avoid shortages of goods for buyers.
Take care of yourself!
Sincerely, Support Team
If you haven't found the KIT that you need,
we will help you assemble
any possible configuration.

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