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    MCoil Hepta Strand

    MCoil Hepta Strand coils unite the tonal clarity, beauty and distortion-free performance of air core coils with the stereophonic spaciousness of tightly-wound coils, alongside the harmonious-warmth and splendid brightness of strand copper wire.

    They are therefore the first choice for high quality high and mid frequency applications which focus on a finely detailed, utmost refined musical fidelity performed within a truly holographic life-like staging.

    OFC-Copper 99.997% pure
    Coil form: PA. fibre-glass reinforced
    Coil body heat resistand up to max. 230°C/446°F

    MCoil AirCoil · 7*0.6mm (baked)

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Showing 1 - 12 of 164 items

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