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List of products by manufacturer HiVi

HiVi is a world renowned speaker manufacturer with almost two decades experience in the high end audio industry. The company’s origins began in high end loudspeaker driver manufacturing in the early 1990’s but have since grown to encompass the following product categories:

Home Theater
High End Audio
Multimedia Systems
Custom Installation
Professional Audio
Car Audio
Loudspeaker Drivers


HiVi is the owner of internationally acclaimed loudspeaker brand Swan Speaker Systems since 1997 and has retained its original founder Frank Hale as Chief Design Engineer. Today HiVi’s design and engineering is still done in California, USA where it has maintained it’s head offices for the past decade.

HiVi’s core goal is to create a better quality of life through music and theater: seamlessly integrating high definition music and sound into every aspect of daily life.

Welcome to the World of HiVi!

HiVi is a leading manufacturer of stereophile quality audio systems. Employing some of the worlds’ finest electro-acoustical technicians and craftsmen, the company established state-of-the art R+D facilities in Toronto, Canada in 1994 and was fueled by early successes with innovative driver designs. In 1997, HiVi merged with highly-regarded speaker manufacturer Swans Speaker Systems and opened corporate offices in Monterey Park, California. Respected audio designer Frank Hale, former president of Swans, continues to serve today as Chief Designer for HiVi Speaker Systems.

HiVi’s proprietary driver technologies including Planar Ribbon Tweeters are employed by many of the audio industry’s top brands. With focused re-investment in research and development, HiVi continues to advance the art and science of electro-acoustical engineering. The merger with Swans provided the opportunity for complete system research and design. Within a few short years, the company’s steadfast commitment to uncompromising audio performance was receiving noteworthy recognition and critical acclaim:

2000 T.H.E. Show: “Exceptional Value Award” - HiVi Swans Diva Speaker Cabinets

2002 T.H.E. Show: “Award of Excellence” - HiVi Swans F1HT

2002 T.H.E. Show: “Best Value Award” - HiVi Swans M4000HT

2003 CES: “Best of CES 2003 High-End Audio Finalists” - HiVi Swans 2.2 HT

2003 CES: “Best of CES 2003 High-End Audio Finalists” - HiVi Swans T600F

2003 T.H.E. Show: “Excellence in Design & Engineering” - HiVi Swans 2.2HT

2003 T.H.E. Show: “Most Innovative Speaker Design” - HiVi Swans T600F

2004 T.H.E. Show: “Excellence in Design and Engineering” HiVi Swans M20000HT

2005 CES: “Best of CES 2005 High-End Audio Finalists” - HiVi Swans S600HT

2006 CES: “Tech award” – S200A

2009 CES: “Innovations: Design and Engineering Award” – M200MKIII

2009 CES: “Innovations: Design and Engineering Award” – HiVi Swans 2.3BHT

2010 CES: “Innovations: Design and Engineering Award” – HiVi Swans 2.6HT

2011 CES: “Innovations: Design and Engineering Award” – HiVi Swans X4

HiVi’s range of drivers and complete speaker systems have been established in niche European, Asian and North American markets for the past two decades. HiVi wholly owns 300 retail stores across Asia, with direct retail presence in an additional 700 locations. With critical success has come substantial growth, and HiVi’s markets continue to expand globally. The HiVi product range has also grown to serve these markets to include high-quality car audio systems, custom home installation speakers and multi-media systems along with home theater systems and drivers.

HiVi founder and president Hong Bo Yao continues to drive the company to new heights. Ongoing research and development programs continue to produce innovative products and technologies - raising the bar on what is possible in high-quality audio reproduction. HiVi is capitalizing on these technologies and extending product offerings successfully into new markets and new categories - converting listeners to audiophiles with uncompromised excellence.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items