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JANTZEN AUDIO DENMARKJantzen Audio Denmark was founded in 1992. Our intention from the very beginning was to establish our own production of high-end quality induction coils and assembling of complete crossover networks for OEM manufacturers.
We became one of JBL /Harman’s main suppliers of Inductors and accessory parts covering both high-end Audio and Professional Audio.

Before JBL /Harman moved to China we managed to deliver 65.000 pcs complete crossover networks to Harman Comsumer in Ringkoebing, Denmark within a period of 4 months. We are therefore trained and skilled to satisfy the world’s big brands.

We had a four-year running period, where we supplied Volvo via Harman Becker in Sweden with various Jantzen special made inductors for the Volvo SE car audio system. We are not an ISO registered company, but still we got the orders from Volvo because of our advanced QC system in our production plant in Poland.

When we started our production in Poland in 1992 our range of standard coils covered about 100 different values. Because of our wide range of program with wire diameter from 0,30 up to 1,80 mm Ø, we now ended up with thousands of various coil sizes due to the huge demand of different coils from our many customers around the world covering both DIY and OEM customers. We are always willing to meet with our customers’ demand in their developing of new products to secure their future in the market.

We are winding our air cored coils from round baked wire, grade 1, with extreme accuracy for ISO manufacturers and high-end world markets, which gives us many advantages compared to winding on plastic bobbins. Our coils have very tight windings to maintain long-term performance and the special technique developed by our R & D department in Poland, enabling us to wind directly on the non-ferrite cores, gives us outstanding technical features:

We do not make coils wound on plastic bobbins due to risk of microphonic effect

We do not use ferrite cored coils that saturate abruptly

All Jantzen coils are baked, producing rock-solid windings for optimized and persistent performance.

We use no glue, so we get no air bubbles inside the coil.

In the beginning we could guarantee plus / minus 5% tolerance on our baked coils, now we can guarantee plus / minus 1,5% tolerance for High End demands.

We have also developed a special Jantzen Anti-oxidant Treatment & Measurement Procedure for every single Jantzen Cross Coil leaving our production line.


We have developed the following new Inductors and Capacitors to our Jantzen program:

Cross Coil. High purity coppertape of flat copper foil with extremely low resistance. ABSOLUTELY THE CLOSEST TO THE IDEAL INDUCTOR IN THE WORLD.

C-Coil Power Inductor with up to 2.000 W capacity. WHERE OTHERS COILS GET OVERHEATED, GO FOR THIS ONE! Designed for bass, subwoofers and amplifiers.

Wax Coil - cross coil with paper insulation (for outstanding performance for both OEM and DIY )

Cross Cap Capacitor with 400 V MKP The best value for your money !

The new Jantzen Z-cap line consisting of Standard, Superior and Silver. Outstanding capacitors for the high-end market covering both DIY and OEM.

We are also supplying audio cables for our crossover network.

We aim to have fast deliveries and excellent after sale service.

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