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  • Mundorf M-Resist HL

    MResist High Load Resistors

    For high-load applications, wire-wound cement resistors with a continuous load capacity of 25 watt are a good option.

  • Mundorf M-Resist MOX
    MOX - металлооксидные плёночные резисторы.По сравнению с обычными проводниковыми резисторами, металлооксидные плёночные резисторы не проявляют остаточной индукции. Потому, они настоятельно рекомендуются к использованию во всех случаях, когда речь идёт о скорости импульса как, например, в диапазоне средних тонов.Предлагаемые нами образцы имеют номинальную мощность от 3, 5 до 10 Ватт, однако в импульсном диапазоне они выдерживают ещё большие нагрузки.
  • Mundorf M-Resist SUPREME
    The MResist™ SUPREME series is specifically designed for high-end loudspeaker and amplifier applications. With their superior audio quality – certified also by discerning industrial customers who tested them out beforehand – these “acoustically no longer perceivable” resistors now match the premium quality standard which distinguishes our capacitors and conductors for many years already.
  • Jantzen Audio MOX резисторы
    Jantzen Audio MOX resistors

    1.) Electrical and mechanical stability and high reliability.
    2.) Non-flameable painting solvent proof, resistant to heat and humidity.
    3.) Anual shift is low
    4.) Can produce higher resistance values than wire wound resistos

    Technical information

    RSS: Small-sized metal oxide film resistors, using selected ceramics, perform as good as normal size
    TypeL  ±1 D ±0.5 H ±0.5 d ±0.05 Resistance range (Ω)Max Working VoltageMax Overload Voltage
    For resistors operated in ambient temperatures above 70°C, power rating must be derated in accordance with the curve below:

  • Jantzen Audio Superes резисторы

    - 1 % Tolerance
    - Low noise figure
    - Low inductance <0,7 uH
    - Instant overload capacity
    - Super heat dissipation, small linear temperature coefficient
    - Low annual shift
    - Flameprood and lightweight

    Superes 1%L  ±1 D ±0.5 H ±0.5 d ±0.05 Resistance range (Ω)Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
  • Mundorf M-Resist Classic

    MResist Classic Copper-Nickel 10W 0,10 Ohm, MREC10-0,10

    Resistance = 0,10±2% Ohm
    Size = Ø10 x L45 mm
    Wire = 0,8 * 35 mm
    Weight = 0,008 kg

    MResist Classic 10W Copper-Nickel resistors are without costly bifilar winding, but maintain a lot of audible benefits from the SUPREMEs.
    MREC10 ±50ppm/K 1000VAC 275°C/527°F Ø10 x L45mm 0R10 to 22R ±2%

  • Mundorf M-Resist Ultra

    The development of our MRes Ultra Resistor is based on the well-known good tonal properties of copper-manganin foil. Compared to all wound-wire resistors, this film provides an order of magnitude lower inductance. Copper is significantly softer than the metal-oxide used for MOX resistors. The natural resonances of the copper-manganin foil are therefore significantly less pronounced, which means that distortions caused by crystallurgy and electroacoustics are significantly reduced here. That is why resistors of this design have secured a top position among audio components in recent years: They lack many of the distortions inherent in other resistor designs.

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