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RIKE Audio - manufacturer of Ultra Hi-End audio equipment
The background for more than five years of development of their "own" oil paper capacitors by George Arsin and his team is based on the construction of a german "real" ultra high-end tube Amplifier, the four-part audio RIKE mono tube amplifiers EDZARD with a price tag in the 6-digit Euro range.

A beauty in a number of ways, which is in this perfection not yet been announced or seen. Such an ambitious object also requires ultra-perfect components – no doubt about it. And this is of course and in particular true for capacitors.
Since there are very well designed capacitors in the market, these just didn't reach the demanded extremely high bar in terms of sound quality.
Therefore an experienced "capacitor-engineer" together with Mr. Arsin developed a new generation of oil paper capacitors. Countless listening sessions resulted in a perfect balance of all relevant parameters. Of particular note are the special oils and the art of manufacturing.
All Rike Audio oil paper capacitors are manufactured in Germany and seamlessly build on to the decades-old tradition of German engineering in this field.
The current oil RIKE paper program includes 2 qualities, S-caps (standard capacitors) and Q-Cap (quality capacitors):
S-Cap (Aluminum)
This RIKE audio oilpaper standard capacitor reaches the highest standards and is characterized by a powerful dynamic in the entire frequency band. These properties are difficult to find in "normal" paper capacitors in this quality.
Q-Cap (Aluminum)
This surprised some “oil paper capacitor reviewer” from the first moment. The Q-Cap in Aluminum combines all the good qualities that the best reputed oil paper capacitors of this type. It plays extremely open with amazing presence. The bass sound is never uncomfortable or blunt, but extremely precise, playing crisp and fast. The full spectrum of all kind of nuances are traced with the utmost precision and the listener is drawn "into the music".
Q-Cap (Copper)
This exceptional oil paper capacitor combines all the positive sides of the aluminum brother, but the tones are presented almost sensual. A very modern capacitor, which could set a new standard in the world of Oi-Paper Capacitors.
The team is very happy that some very well-known German Highend Companies are now using RIKE capacitors because of its sonic qualities !
Momentarily we deliver all “normal” values among 0,01 and 30 μF
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Showing 1 - 12 of 75 items