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TWARON Angel Hair, 50g



TWARON Angel Hair, 50g

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TWARON Angel Hair 50g, ANGEL-50G

TWARON® Angel hair

This innovative loudspeaker damping material brings some very cost effective improvements like better staging (3D) and more fine detail resolution. It operates in a very wide band area and characteristics are adjustable by filling more or less. Actually, using this material will bring more improvement than changing cables/connectors. We recommend to use about 3-10 grams / liter sealed volume. This material is more or less expanding, so with the right amount it stays in place, unlike other woollike materials.

An innovative damping material, working different from all excisiting materials like eggfoam, BAF, Dacron. Improves sound quality of about all existing loudspeaker systems. More detail, better 3D. Just remove all loose material and replace it with this Angel Hair and adjust by A/B comparison and trial and error.


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TWARON Angel Hair, 50g

TWARON Angel Hair, 50g

TWARON Angel Hair, 50g