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  • Interconnect Cable
  • Speaker Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Phono wires
  • Hook up Wire
  • DH-Labs connectors
  • WBT Connectors

    WBT Connectors - Nextgen, Classic:  RCA, Bananas, Spades, Speaker Terminals

  • Mundorf M-Connect LS plugs
  • Mundorf M-Connect terminals
  • Mundorf M-Connect CF
  • Mundorf M-Connect silver/gold SGW
    The mixture of silver plus 1% gold has proven itself excellently as capacitor film for the MCap® SUPREME SilverGold series. The resulting sound is so impressive that it was only natural to think of using this alloy for the internal wiring of electronic devices.Listening tests with individually isolated conductors quickly proved that SilverGold shows its superior strengths every bit as convincingly in this application as well. Purity and elegance are the terms that automatically lend themselves to this exquisite material.We offer the SilverGold wire in various diameters and insulated in PTFE.Purity of silver: min. 99.97% typ. 99.99% Purity of gold: min. 99.97% typ. 99.99% For preparation we recommend MSolder soldering tin.
  • Mundorf M-Connect NF Plugs
    Audio Accessories MConnectSince spring 2010, Mundorf have offered WBT‘s Premium RCA plugs nextgenTM 0110 Signature in an exclusive MCap® variant with contacts made of the same highly purifi ed silver-gold alloy which is also used for the metallization of our Supreme SilverGold capacitors.Thus, this recognised high-quality plug is not only an supplement for SilverGold cables such as ZendoCable® Ai605 but also increases the transmission qualities of high-quality audio cables to come to perfection without impairing neutrality; even in small details, pure SilverGold filters out more musical substance from electrical audio signals than any other conductor materials known to us.Reason enough to refer again to our well-proven MSolder Supreme SilverGold solder at this point - quasi as perfect match for a perfect plug.After mounting, the external contact is firmly to the RCA connector applying the WBT chuck mechanism which has the same function as the chuck of a drilling machine. The high contact pressure does not only provide secure connection but also minimises the transition resistance.As the clamping sleeve is designed in two parts, the front part does not rotate when tightening the sleeve. Thus the contact elements are not subjected to any rotational stress. The contact pressure element between contact and sleeve is made of plastic so that the sleeve is completely insulated and cannot infl uence the signal. Moreover, dimensional inaccuracies of the external contacts are compensated by the RCA connectors.The centre pin is slotted and slightly bent up providing an elastic contact which guarantees a permanently reliable electrical connection with lowest possible contact resistance.
  • Jantzen Speaker Terminals

    These heavy-duty binding posts were designed with the audiophile in mind. The high-quality plating process eliminates the possibility of corrosion to maintain the highest possible signal transfer and resist harsh environmental conditions.

    Audiophile quality at a reasonable price.

  • Jantzen Port Tubes

    Jantzen Port Tubes

     XYZH - minH - MaxWeight:
    HP ø35 - Index: 051-000816526,333549,0549,3526 g
    HP ø35 - Index: 051-000612031,953549,0549,3519 g
    HP ø35 - Index: 051-00046829,053549,0549,3512 g
    HP ø42,7 - Index: 051-0010123,43742,757,157,522 g
    HP ø50 - Index: 051-001214343,255069,169,536 g
    HP ø68 - Index: 051-001822057,356897,2597,7569 g
    HP ø68 - Index: 051-001616060,576897,2597,7559 g
    HP ø68  - Index: 051-0014116,662,956897,2597,7547 g
    HP ø100 - Index: 051-002219790,69100138,5139,1126 g
    HP ø100 - Index: 051-002014293,55100138,5139,1101 g
    HM ø50 x 185 - Index: 051-001318550,005069,169,539 g


  • Damping Materials

    Damping Materials

  • Waveguides and adapters

    Waveguides and adapters for tweeters:

    SEAS T35 midrange tweeter, Audax TW034 tweeter and others

  • Speaker Spikes
  • Jantzen audio cables

    Jantzen Audio offer wide selection of cost-efficient speaker cables.

  • Wattgate Power Connectors

    Wattgate power connectors - Evo, Audio grade, Rhodium, Standard, Silver, Gold: IEC, Schuko, Nema plugs for power cables.


  • Speaker grill cloth

    Speaker grill cloth

  • Headphone cable and connectors

    Headphone cable and connectors:

    - mini XLR
    - 3.5mm, 6.3mm jacks
    - connectors for Sennheiser, Shure, AKG, Audeze, Denon, Sony etc.
    - replacement cables
    - adapters

  • Heatshrinks, braided sleves for DIY...

    Here you can find heatshrinks and braided sleves ("snake skin") of different sized for DIY cables.

  • Speaker jumpers and terminal bridges
  • Speaker building accessories
  • Kimber Kable

    For decades Kimber has been a market leader in its design and production of high quality audiophile cable. Its product lines range from entry-level cables such as Tonik and PBJ to no-compromise designs in the Kimber Select series. In addition to its analog audio cables, the company also offers digital, video, and AC power cables. Kimber Cable is headquartered in Ogden, Utah.

    The Kimber cable line covers a broad cross-section of the audio and video markets ranging from inexpensive (BASE, ASCENT series) to quite expensive (SUMMIT, SELECT, LEGACY), from interconnects and digital cables to speaker cables, power cables, HDMI and USB cables, all exhibiting good value. 

  • Furutech
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