Rike Audio Copper/Paper/Oil Q-CAP2 PIO capacitor 10uF 600V



Rike Audio Copper/Paper/Oil Q-CAP2 PIO capacitor 10uF 600V

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Rike Audio Copper/Paper/Oil Q-CAP2 PIO capacitor 10uF 600V, QCapCPIO-10

Switching to a different copper-foil capacitor, the Rike Audio Q-CAP2, you get more body especially noticable with solo piano.

Technical specifications:

Copper Foil and Paper In Oil capacitor.

Tolerance: 5%

Rated voltage: 600VDC

Lead diameter: 1,5mm pure copper

Review by humblehomemadehifi.com:

"Sound: I found the Rike Audio Q-CAP2 to be neutral with a nice balance between dynamics and smoothness, sort of snappy, tidy and rich at the same. Switching to the Intertechnik Audyn Cap Tri-Reference seems things to sound a little dull, switching back to the Q-CAP2 brings you closer to what is happening. The Tri-Reference is strictly speaking closer to absolute neutrality. The general overview of the Q-CAP2 is very good and also has a tad more dynamic expression than the Jupiter Copper-Paper-Wax, which in a direct A-B comparsion has a fraction more flow. The Q-CAP2 has plenty of detail although not to the same extent and clarity that you get with the Mundorf Supreme Silver Gold Oil. This does make the overall presentation of the Q-CAP2 more relaxing to listen to. Comparing the Rike Audio Q-CAP2 with the very neutral (and less expensive) Jantzen Audio Superior Z-Cap you know what you pay the extra for: the Q-CAP2 produces a bigger image, especially when it comes to things like the width of the sound-stage. Also there is a more convincing placing of the instruments in an orchestra. Vocalists and solo violin stand at the front of the sound-stage. One of the things I listen for when evaluating capacitors is how well the harmonic overtones, which determine the timbre of an instrument, are portrayed. This the Rike Audio Q-CAP2 does very well. Listening to traditional Chinese guzheng music on 24bit / 96kHz flac's or Armenian duduk ensembles on multi-channel SACD, I got the impression of a very tangible presentation with rich timbres. In direct comparison it made the Mundorf Supreme Silver Gold Oil sound a tad "plastic" in the top most registers of these traditional instruments. On the other hand the Mundorf Supreme Silver Gold Oil did very well with jazz drum-kits, giving ride cymbals and brushes a bit more "edge". In general when the Q-CAP2 is compared to other copper-foil types, you could say that the other types that use paper between the copper foil could be described as sounding "traditional" and the Q-CAP2 that uses polyproylene between the copper-foil sounds "modern". Neither is better than the other, just different and it will depend on personal taste and system matching which character you prefer. All in all I quite like the Rike Audio Q-CAP2, a welcome newcomer to the top range of capacitors.

Verdict: 12-


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Rike Audio Copper/Paper/Oil Q-CAP2 PIO capacitor 10uF 600V

Rike Audio Copper/Paper/Oil Q-CAP2 PIO capacitor 10uF 600V

Rike Audio Copper/Paper/Oil Q-CAP2 PIO capacitor 10uF 600V