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SB Acoustics SASANDU Textreme Speakers - FineTuning by StereoArt


SB Acoustics SASANDU Textreme Speakers - FineTuning by StereoArt, 1pair

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SB Acoustics SASANDU Textreme Speakers - FineTuning by StereoArt

SET for 2 speakers

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Cabinet colors: White High Gloss, Black High Gloss, Lambo Orange High Gloss, red High Gloss, Satin White, Satin Black

Micro-C available colors

We offer two versions for crossover components: both are individually matched to drivers for maximum performance

High sensitivity, good impedance = tube friendly design.

Standard: Mundorf Supreme EVO Oil for tweeter&midrange + BL series Coils and MRES20 resistors + Auric Hook-Up wires, WBT Nextgen terminals

TOP: Mundorf Supreme EVO Silver/Gold/Oil for tweeter&midrange&woofer + VLCU Coils and MRES20 resistors + Auric Hook-Up wires, WBT Nextgen terminals

SB Acoustics SASANDU Beryllium with Textreme woofers - FineTuning by StereoArt

The SASANDU is new a large 3-way floor standing speaker showcasing the advanced SATORI 29mm Neodymium Beryllium tweeter. The midrange is covered by the 6½” SATORI MW16TX-4 Textreme cone midrange with a dedicated large sealed midrange chamber for low compression and wonderful open midrange reproduction. Each speaker is solidly anchored in the lower octaves by two Textreme 7½” SATORI MW19TX-8 for a deep, tight and satisfyingly musical bass.

Sasandu also called Sasando means "sounded instrument" and is a traditional Indonesian harp like string instrument with a body made from bamboo and a native type of leaves. The SASANDU is a no compromise speaker kit designed to reproduce music as faithfully as possible.

The SASANDU’s faceted baffle and optimized tweeter position to lower diffraction as well as inclined cabinet to time align the drivers result in state of the art imaging. The large high quality crossover has it’s own chamber behind the removable plinth.

The cabinet is masterfully crafted from 28, 18, and 15 mm MDF with strategic internal bracing to distribute cabinet vibrations and lower sound coloration. A slanted internal partition reduces internal standing waves and the over size 75 mm port at the rear ensures uncompressed bass even at very high listening levels.

7⁰ inclined cabinet shape has purpose to deliver sound staging even with simple crossover design. Whilst, the idea behind inclined bottom is to diminish standing waves. Build-in pedestal is designed to generate accent on its unique design.

Main facts:

- Large 3-way floor standing speaker

- very high sensitivity, almost 94dB, tube amplifier friendly

- Advanced High-End SATORI drivers - beryllium dome and Textreme woofers

- Faceted baffle and optimized tweeter position for reduced diffraction

- Slanted internal partition for reduction of standing waves

- Stylish removable plinth for secure footing

- Strategic internal bracing and dampening

- Large low noise rear firing vent

- Our own designed crossovers have good off-axis response what allows to fit it to almost any room. Seriously better then standard kit's crossover!

- We do individual matching of drivers and crossovers to get best matching frequency and phase response of Left and Right speakers. This is very important for a good soundstage!

- We do driver selection and individual matching of crossover to driver's response

- Our goal was to get best phase transition from woofer to midwoofer and tweeter, Our Textreme SASANDUs are almost linear phase!

- Premium components for crossovers: we offer 2 versions - "Top" with Mundorf Supreme EVO Silver/Goid/Oil capacitors, Supreme resistors for Tweeter with VLCU foil coils and "Standart" version based on Mundorf Supreme EVO Oil capacitors, MRES20 resistors and BL baked air coils. Both version sound good, but "Top" gives better soundstage, more involves to listening - it gives additional dimension to the sound.

- WBT Nextgen terminals as standard for both version.

- Audience Auric hook-up internal wiring for both versions

- Woofers are SB Acoustics Satori Advanced TeXtreme® cone series - 2*7,5" for bass and 6.5" for midbass. Good for music reproduction with finest details! No phase breakup at 1.5kHz.

- Tweeters are SB Acoustics Satori series: Beryllium dome with Non-resonant diaphragm design for minimum high frequency break-up.

SASANDU Beryllium Textreme Version - Frequency (Green) and Phase (blue):

Beryllium Textreme Version - Frequency (Green) and Phase (blue)

SASANDU Beryllium Textremee Version - Frequency (Green) and Group Delay (Blue):

Beryllium Textreme Version - Frequency (Green) and Group Delay (Blue)

SASANDU Beryllium Textreme On tweeter axis - in-room, response*, complex sum of gated far field, nearfield and port response:

*to measure big speakers is a bit tricky, as woofers & port located quite low and interact with a floor and normal approach what we use for low-end measurements offered by Joe D’Appolito does not work well. Measurements and listening tests confirm that speaker's low end is quite impressive and goes under 30Hz.


Minimum impedance is 3.16Ohm at 140hz

Except 2 peaks by 12Ohm it fits in 4-6 Ohm at 20Hz-20kHz, very friendly to any amplifier.

ARA Be-Textreme/ Be-Paper /SoftDome-Paper - Green/Red/Blue response

SASANDU Beryllium Textreme Off-axis: Green/Red/Orange 0/30/45grad Horizontal, Blue/Light Blue +5/+15Grad Vertical:

ARA Beryllium Off-axis: Green/Red/Ornage 0/30/45grad Horizontal, Blue/Light Blue +15/30Grad Vertical

Frequency response :30-32000 Hz +/-3 dB
Sensitivity ( 2.83V/1m ) :93.8 dB
Nominal Impedance :4Ohm
Max SPL :108 dB
Recomended amplifier :100 - 200W
Crossover frequency :600/2800 Hz
Enclosure type :Bass reflex (woofers), sealed (midrange)
Port tuning :32Hz
Tweeter :SATORI TW29BN
Mid & Bass :SATORI MW16TX-4 & 2 x 7½" SATORI MW19TX-8
Cabinet :28, 18, 15 mm MDF
Size :(HxWxD) - 1100 x 230 x 615 mm ( 43.3 x 9.0 x 24.2 inch )
Weight :Full assembly 32,5 kg


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SB Acoustics SASANDU Textreme Speakers - FineTuning by StereoArt

SB Acoustics SASANDU Textreme Speakers - FineTuning by StereoArt

SB Acoustics SASANDU Textreme Speakers - FineTuning by StereoArt, 1pair